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About Jack (quick intro).

热血传奇sfJack Wilcox was a professional poker player from Reading, UK. He was a successful $400NL and $600NL 6max NLHE player. He took shots at $1,000NL (mostly when the fish were around), as well as occasionally playing with a group of other online poker players to for an extended holiday in early 2012. He died in a motorcycle accident on the 6th of February 2012, less than 3 weeks after arriving. He was 22 years old.

However, since he started playing poker in 2009, Jack has helped a lot of people to become better at poker. He was active on the , and also spent time chatting with and coaching players via instant messenger. He started . He also wrote a bunch of strategy articles and made training videos too – for free.

热血传奇sfThis page is here as a resource for links to all of his selflessly helpful work. We'll never know what great work he would have gone on to create, so we'll just have to settle for the amazing stuff he did leave us with.

热血传奇sfEven though Jack is no longer with us, his work will continue to make a difference. His talent for teaching deserves to be benefited from for years to come, so here you go.


Note: Is Jack's strategy and advice any good?

I guess it worked:

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Jack Wilcox Holdem Manager Earnings Graph
Jack Wilcox earnings graph for $200NL and $400NL over 450,000 hands.
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Jack Wilcox Hoodlincs PokerTableRatings Results
Jack Wilcox ("Hoodlincs" at Full Tilt Poker) results according to .

And you know how some people are good at explaining stuff? Yeah, that's Jack as well. Enjoy.

ThePokerBank videos.

Video Type Level Stakes Game Length Date
Jack Wilcox 7 (Part 2/2) Session Replay Beginner $10NL 6max 68 mins 22 Mar 11
Jack Wilcox 7 (Part 1/2) Session Replay Beginner $10NL 6max 59 mins 21 Mar 11
Holdem Manager HUD Tutorial Intermediate - - 23 mins 22 Nov 10
Rush Poker (Part 2/2) Session Replay Beginner $25NL Rush 36 mins 03 Nov 10
Rush Poker (Part 1/2) Session Replay Beginner $25NL Rush 61 mins 24 Sep 10
Holdem Manager Guide Tutorial Intermediate - - 34 mins 23 Sep 10
Jack Wilcox 5 Hand Replayer Advanced $200NL 6max 33 mins 16 Sep 10
Jack Wilcox 4 Hand Replayer Advanced $400NL+ 6max 49 mins 19 Apr 10
Jack Wilcox 3 Hand Replayer Advanced $400NL+ 6max 27 mins 12 Mar 10
Jack Wilcox 2 Hand Replayer Intermediate $100NL+ 6max 42 mins 12 Mar 10
Jack Wilcox 1 Session Replay Beginner $25NL 6max 62 mins 12 Mar 10

HigherLevelPoker videos.

is the micro-stakes training site that Jack founded.

Video Type Stakes Game Length
Hand History - - 37 mins
Hand Replayer $50NL 6max 39 mins
Session Replay $100NL 6max 41 mins
Session Replay $100NL 6max 39 mins
Session Replay $100NL 6max 60 mins
Hand History $100NL 6max 16 mins
Session Replay $100NL 6max 47 mins
Session Replay $100NL 6max 52 mins
Member Review $100NL FR 49 mins
Hand Replayer $50NL 6max 29 mins
Live Session $100NL 6max 53 mins
Member Review $10NL 6max 39 mins
Member Review $10NL 6max 53 mins
Session Replay $5NL 6max 48 mins
Session Replay $100NL Concept - - 15 mins
Concept - - 27 mins
Concept - - 20 mins
Concept - - 23 mins
Concept - - 23 mins
Concept - - 25 mins
Concept - - 29 mins
Concept - - 36 mins
Concept - - 19 mins
Concept - - 20 mins

Note: There are a few "Part 1"s and "Part 1/2"s without their sequels. I don't believe I've missed the other parts, I just don't think Jack had chance to finish them. I decided to keep the original titles as they are.

PokerVIP videos.

Video Type Stakes Game Length
Concept - 6max 16 mins
Concept - 6max 18 mins
Concept - 6max 16 mins
Concept - 6max 15 mins
Concept - 6max 39 mins
Concept - 6max 32 mins
Concept - 6max 26 mins
Concept - 6max 25 mins
Concept - 6max 31 mins

YouTube videos.

Video Type Stakes Game Length
Concept - - 12 mins
Session Replay $5NL 6max 15 mins
Session Replay $5NL 6max 15 mins
Session Replay $5NL 6max 15 mins

Note: These videos are unique to YouTube. There are also copies of Jack's HLP videos on the same

Forum Posts/Threads.

Title Location Type Description
2+2 Forum Thread Jack's plan was to move from $10NL to $200NL and document his progress. But he basically ended up giving advice for 57 pages.
2+2 Forum Thread How to calculate expected value, Jack Wilcox style. Posted in the beginners forum, but quite a complex example using a preflop 4bet/call spot with JJ in the 2+2 Forum Thread Self-explanatory. Jack weighs up the two games and analyses the profit potential of both.
2+2 Forum Thread Explanation and example of relative hand strength.


Title Location Date
HigherLevelPoker.com 29 Nov 2011
HigherLevelPoker.com 6 Nov 2011
HigherLevelPoker.com 6 Nov 2011
HigherLevelPoker.com 25 Oct 2011
HigherLevelPoker.com 22 Oct 2011
HigherLevelPoker.com 9 May 2011
HigherLevelPoker.com 14 Apr 2011
HigherLevelPoker.com 3 Apr 2011
HigherLevelPoker.com 1 Apr 2011
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HigherLevelPoker.com 26 Feb 2011
The Red Line ThePokerBank.com 16 Nov 2011

More about Jack.

Jack Wilcox – By Greg Walker

I'm Greg, the guy behind this site.

I was genuinely fortunate enough to know Jack in person. That's a cliché, but I don't care. It's true.

It annoys me that everyone speaks so highly of people when they pass away, because it it takes weight away from what I'm going to say about Jack. Jack was awesome, and it's not his death that makes him that way.

How I knew Jack.

We weren't bestest buddies or anything. We just did some work together, lived nearby, and chatted every time we saw each other. But that was enough. That was enough to know the kind of man Jack was.

It was always enjoyable to bump in to him – you never had to think of anything to say because he had that covered for you. He always had something interesting for both of us to talk about. As hard as I may have tried, I couldn't have an awkward conversation with him.

热血传奇sfI regret not getting to know him more than I did, because he would have made a damn good friend. I missed out there.

Jack's Flat We were kinda neighbours for a while. I'm sure he saw me walking around my flat naked – on more than one occasion. Sorry about that, Jack.

We both started at Swansea University in 2007. We weren't on the same course (Jack = Business, Me = Physics), but I came to meet him through my girlfriend who was also on the same course as him.

I heard he was the president of the poker society, but I just assumed he was just an average live player with limited skill. Didn't take long to do a quick browse around to learn that he was actually much better than I was/am. So impressive in fact I felt a little inferior. His grammar in forum posts is atrocious though, so that made me feel a bit better. Still, he always knew what he was talking about when it came to strategy.

Anyway, where I had dropped out after just 1 year, Jack went on to juggle both online poker and University, earning a 2:2 Bsc Business Management in 2010. My girlfriend was graduating at the same time as him, so it was cool to be there to see him pick up his degree.

So what was Jack really like?

  • Suave. Very suave.
  • I'll admit, good looking. He was as good looking in real life as he is in photos.
  • Tall as well. So yeah, overall genetically attractive. I think I'll have to leave it there though as my girlfriend will be reading this.
  • He did what he liked. Not in an obnoxious way though. He just put his ideas in to motion without worrying about what other people may think. One of those people.

That's about as much as I know. Again, I didn't know him amazingly well, but I knew him well enough to know all that. I'm an excellent judge of character, and I could judge that Jack's character was excellent.

The more I think about Jack the more I realise what a loss to the human race he is. He had selfless ideas and goals, and it hurts to think about what we'll be missing out on. The last big plan of his that I remember involved setting up a hostel for young people travelling to Swansea.

Jack and ThePokerBank.

I noticed he started dabbling in making poker training videos for the 2+2 community in mid 2009 (in his ), so I took advantage of this by asking if he'd like to make some training videos for ThePokerBank. Being Jack and loving the idea to help even more people, he obliged.

He asked for so little in return for videos he was essentially making them for free. It must have worked out to less than minimum wage. As I keep saying, Jack really just loved to teach, and he loved to help.

Jack's First Video: I can't find a copy of the first video Jack made for 2+2. Here's the , but it was uploaded to MegaUpload so I can't re-download it. If you've got it, can you let me know at greg [at] thepokerbank.com? That would be amazing to find.

Jack Wilcox 1热血传奇sf was the first video he made for this site. I was happy that he charged so little, as the audio wasn't great (just technical teething problems) and needing some fixing. But as expected, the content was (and always will be) typical Jack Wilcox quality. Easy to follow and easy to learn from. He was a natural teacher.

热血传奇sfI wish I could have squeezed more videos and articles out of him, .

Closing thoughts.

热血传奇sfI've not written anything like this before, so I'm not sure how this part goes. I think I'm supposed to finish with a lingering sad thought or memory.

Whatever. I can do better than that. Instead, click this link (not yet, in a sec).

热血传奇sfThat link will take you back to the top of this page, back to Jack's anthology. Watch, listen to and read all the great advice, and use it to become a better poker player. That's why Jack made it all, and that's what it will do if you take his advice onboard.

热血传奇sfThanks for the tips Jack!

Another insight in to how cool Jack was.

热血传奇sfIt's easy to find kind words about someone when they're no longer with us. For Jack, however, this makes no difference. Here are a few things posted about him on his before he passed away:

The comments other players left about Jack on before he died.

If you're not familiar with the world of online poker, you won't grasp the gravity of these 5 simple comments. Poker involves trying to win money from other people, and understandably not everyone enjoys being on the losing end of this process. As a result, abusive comments about other players are standard.

It's kinda like trying to make friends in the comments section of a video about religion on YouTube.

So to see such comments like "Came to my table, asked to 3-4 table and when I wasn't up to it, replied very polite. Seems solid"热血传奇sf isn't just a pleasant surprise, it's incredible.

And no, no comments have been removed or edited since his death to make the page look better. I know this because I checked up on Jack's stats myself from time to time, and nothing has altered.

Want to add something here? greg [at] thepokerbank.com

Other links.

  • (the micro-stakes training site that Jack founded)
  • (took place on 9th June 2012)

More tributes to Jack Wilcox.

  • (by James Andrews, cofounder of HLP)
  • (includes audio interview)

Have I missed anything? Send me an email at greg [at] thepokerbank.com and I'll add it to this page.

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